What is Techlite?


TechLite® has been supplying factory jacketed insulation systems for maintaining critical process temperatures, freeze protection and noise control for more than 40 years. 

TechLite® produces and supplies efficient systems for pipe, tank, vessel, and duct insulation for a wide variety of commercial, industrial, military and high-tech applications. 

TechLite® melamine foam is a high temperature, lightweight, open cell foam which is cost effective to install, user friendly, and environmentally safe.  No CFCs are used in manufacturing and there are no carcinogens, fibers or toxins in TechLite® foam. 

There is no special personal safety gear that is needed to install and there are no disposal problems.  Whether it’s for a routine application or a special project, TechLite® is used in all types of environments.

Use TechLite® to provide the best insulation system possible to solve your specific project needs. 


879 Series


Fittings and Inserts