TechLite Fitting Insulation Inserts

TechLite Fitting Insulation Inserts


Indoor and Outdoor

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TechLite fitting insulation inserts are available in preformed or diaper form. The preformed inserts are precision ground to provide a good fit within the pipe tolerances.

The diapers are conditioned at the factory to allow added flexibility to the pipe when wrapping fittings.

Fabricated from high temperature melamine foam, the fittings have a service temperature range of -150°F to +400°F. White or color coded low smoke 20 mil PVC fitting covers are shipped with the fitting insulation inserts.

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TechLite Fitting Insulation Insert Colors Available

Insulation Specifications

Insulation Material Open cell Melamine foam
Service temperature -40oF to 350oF (min/max pipe temp.)
Thermal conductivity, k 0.25 btu-in/ hr-ft20F
Density 0.56 + 0.06 lb/ ft3
Flame Spread/smoke development 5/10 per ASTM E84
Color Light grey
Standard Thickness 1”, 1 ½”, 2” 2 ½”, 3”



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