Melamine vs. Fiberglass

Melamine Vs Fiberglass

Melamine Vs Fiberglass is a common argument in the insulation industry. Listed below is the benefits of melamine foam over fiberglass material.


  • Lightweight, open cell
  • Wide temperature range
  • Low smoke and flame properties
  • Available in several sizes and shapes
  • Custom shapes and profiles available
  • Easy to trim, cut, slice (reducing installation time)
  • Has outstanding acoustical properties
  • Flexible
  • Used for 20+ years as insulation for pipe & duct work


  • – Fiber reinforced plastic, reinforcement fiber is glass fiber
  • – Fiberglass can irritate the eyes, skin, and respiratory system
  • – Vulnerable to moisture
  • – Where moisture is present, mold growth frequently follows
  • – Energy intensive to manufacture, making it not as “green” of an option
  • – Highly permeable; will not stop energy losses due to air leaks
  • – Irritating and potentially hazardous to handle